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Custom Engraved Maars 20oz Stainless Steel Ombre Glitter Skinny Tumbler with Gloss Finish


Unearth the extraordinary with our Custom Engraved Maars 20oz Stainless Steel Ombre Glitter Skinny Tumbler, featuring a glossy finish that’s as precious as a dino fossil! Available in three captivating color options, this tumbler is sure to make your sipping experience dino-mite.

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Crafted with the durability of an archaeologist's spade, this stainless steel gem boasts a slender silhouette that fits snugly in your grip, just like a perfectly preserved dinosaur bone. Whether you're on a Jurassic journey or exploring the concrete jungle, this tumbler is your trusty companion.

What sets this tumbler apart is its engraving option, allowing you to transform it into a personalized masterpiece. Add your name, custom design, a memorable date, or a message that's as timeless as the tales of ancient reptiles. Whether it's a gift for someone special or a keepsake for yourself, this tumbler becomes a renowned relic of your unique style and sentiment.

Choose from three mesmerizing ombre glitter color blends that transition seamlessly from one shade to another. Whether you're drawn to the tranquil Seablush, the mesmerizing Nightshade, or the enchanting Magic Mist, each option adds a touch of allure to your daily hydration ritual.

This tumbler isn't just a sipper; it's a prehistoric proclamation of your love for all things extraordinary. With its glossy finish, it's as shiny as a freshly discovered fossil, making your drinks a true treasure! Unearth your inner archaeologist and embark on a sip-tastic journey with your personalized Maars tumbler. Cheers to style, sparkle, and sipping history in every drop!

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Ombre Color

Magic Mist, Nightshade, Seablush


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