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Custom Engraved Bamboo Notebook with Pen


Unearth the Dino-Chic Bamboo Notebook with Pen – a harmonious blend of sustainable sophistication and practicality that’ll have you roaring with creativity! Crafted from renewable bamboo, this set reflects your dedication to eco-conscious living while offering a prehistoric canvas for your wildest thoughts and dino-sized ideas.

Include a name, message, or other custom inscription.

Your image should be in black and white. We prefer .SVG (vectorized) files, but a high-res .JPG or .PNG is also acceptable. If your file is low quality and / or requires an additional amount of work to prep for the laser, a $25 setup fee may apply and must be paid before your order will be completed.

(max file size 512 MB)

Select this if you need us to help you create a custom design for you. Complex designs may incur additional fees.

The Bamboo Notebook's cover, smooth as a brachiosaurus's skin and adorned with the natural grain of bamboo, exudes a calming and earthy vibe - like a stroll through a prehistoric forest. The supple pages provide a gentle backdrop for your pen's strokes, inviting your words to flow as effortlessly as a triceratops's horned stride.

But the real fossil-fun starts with the bamboo pen, your trusty companion on this epic writing journey. Its featherlight weight and balanced design ensure comfort as you let your thoughts spill onto the pages, like a pterodactyl soaring through the sky. Its elegant simplicity echoes the notebook's overall aesthetic, creating a cohesive set that resonates with your mindful lifestyle.

Whether you're using it to jot down epic ideas, sketching the next great dinosaur discovery, or documenting your daily adventures like a true Jurassic journalist, the Bamboo Notebook with Pen invites you to unleash your creativity while honoring the environment. This set isn't just stationery; it's a mindful choice that captures the essence of sustainability and self-expression. Write your story on pages that echo nature's wisdom, and let your ideas flourish within the pages of this exquisite bamboo-bound companion. It's time to leave your dino-prints all over this notebook!


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